Cherry | Tiffany

What is existence in the multiverse?

What is free will?

Who are the personas we exist as, who are the characters we play as?

All of these are things that go into my greatest art project: My existence.

Like a phoenix constantly rebirthing myself from the experience of reality, I’ve sculpted my slice of existence into my own hyper stylized world made of imagination and punk rock.

Combined with bright visuals and a smirk behind every piece of art, a funny little multiverse of me starts to take shape.

The infinite form can’t be held by mere human existence, so I spun off the other part of my persona, Cherry – the Jem to the Jerrica Benton that is Tiffany – so I might experience the infinite multiverse in my own weird way.

The Pop Art Witch is Cherry, and Cherry Fizz is her multiverse, a billion dollar brand in the making (at this point in the linear timeline) with the main thesis – “what if a business could be an art project, where the end goal was to help as many people thrive as possible?”

What multiverse can I experience, if I let myself imagine, then create?

I’m happy to meet you, and I hope you get inspired to sculpt your slice of multiverse to your exact liking.

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